‘Gadis lokap’ leaked on the net

From TheStar:
A controversial video footage showing a woman in uniform instructing a Chinese-looking naked woman to do ear squats caused an uproar after it was made public yesterday.

The video footage in MMS clip has been circulating in the country since.

And now, MalaysiaKini has made the video available on the net.

View it here

2 Responses to “‘Gadis lokap’ leaked on the net”

  1. 1 WJ

    The police is too much. The do not respect even the basic human right…

  2. 2 sap

    What kind of treatment u aspect for people who dont
    care for our children welfare.My children n your children
    can be trapped by the dangerous drugs that they sell.
    They shud be treated like animals.Right not my friends.

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